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ugh, guys, i’m like sorry I’ve not posted much. There’s no excuse either, just everything i wrote sounded like crap and i didn’t want to post stuff that was only written half-heartedly. It’s pretty short but it’s just an idea that wouldn’t go away. I also didn’t know how to end this fic, so it stops quite abruptly. There may be a sequel in the making who knows!


Dean did a double take as he entered his motel room to see Cas stripped to the waist and tied spread-eagle to the bed. Dean smirked as he stalked over to the bed.

"Is it my birthday?"

Castiel sighed and pulled a his bonds which allowed very little movement.

"I can assure you that this was not my doing. Gabe was here and…" Cas didn’t need to finish the res of his sentence. Dean shrugged off his jacket and toed off his boots before climbing on top of Castiel, straddling his thighs. Dean was about to lean down to kiss his angel when something caught his eye. It was a post-it note stuck to the headboard of the bed.

"What’s this?" Dean asked, pulling the note down and grinning evilly as he read just two words in Gabe’s handwriting: ’he’s ticklish’

"Something sordid I expect, my brother has a strange sense of humor  Cas replied. Dean wordlessly turned he note around to let Cas read it. Cas’ eyes suddenly widened and his attempts to escape became frantic.

"No Dean! Please! Not that!" he begged as he used all of his strength to try and tug his arms and legs free, but it was no use, whatever archangel mojo Gabe had used, Cas was stuck. Dean threw the note onto the floor and allowed his eyes to dance over Castiel’s torso, wondering where he should start.

"So it’s true then?" he asked.

Cas opened and closed his mouth a few times, chastising himself for panicking. There was no way he could deny it now. 

"Well…." Dean said, still wanting an answer as he interrupted Cas’ worried thoughts.

Castiel closed his eyes with embarrassment and nodded yes.

"Awesome!" Dean cried, placing his fingertips, not moving, onto Cas’ bare stomach. Castiel’s breath hitched and he sucked his stomach in.

"Dean please, I confessed my vessel is sensitive, you do not have to test this."

"Yeah, I kinda do Cas." Cas gazed up at Dean who was wearing the biggest, most evil, shit eating grin. He’d never seen that look before, not on Dean anyway. He’d seen it on Gabriel many times when the archangel was bored and decided that the only entertainment would be to tickle Castiel to tears.

Pads of fingertips started to move ever so slowly over the skin of Cas’ tummy. “Dean! Wait! I …”

"Quit stalling Cas!" and with that Dean ran his fingers over Castiel’s rib cage  making him giggle hysterically and thrash around like fish out of water. 

"hahahahahadeeeeaaaan! please!" Cas laughed until he thought there was no more breath left in him when mercifully Dean stopped.

"Jesus Cas! You are really ticklish"

Cas panted and narrowed his eyes to glare at Dean. “I’m aware. Now, see if you can untie me. I know my brother must have 

used some sort of ….” His words trailed to silence when he realised Dean hadn’t budge an inch to try and help him. 

Dean had no intention of stopping especially when he saw how little it took to make Cas laugh. He began rib tickling him firmly and harshly. Cas’ laughter bounced off the walls as he felt Dean’s tickling touch on his sensitive ribcage. 

Dean made his hands into the shapes of claws and dug in to soft, sensitive flesh, digging and pinching all over Cas’ tummy and sides. A loud scream burst out of Cas before making way for uncontrollable laughter.

Deciding to give Castiel a brief rest, Dean ran his fingers over the undersides of Cas’forearms and upper arms, just barely tickling, or at least not the torture it had been before. Giggles spouted from Cas as he wiggled and struggled to get away from the maddening light touches. 

His eyes grew big as saucers when he saw that Dean was getting too close to his underarms. Cas’ underarms were one of his worst spots and his eyes pleaded with Dean. Dean just grinned down at his angel and suddenly attacked Cas’ armpits with light, nimble tickling fingers. Cas screamed and began to buck and trash. He screamed again as Dean drilled his thumbs into a spot on his lower armpits and then Castiel laughed harder than he had ever done before. Tears streamed down his face as he shrieked, laughed and yelled. When he had the air, he begged.


Dean laughed along with his lover. Dean felt exhilarated to have Castiel so helpless underneath him. To have such a powerful creature weakened to the state of begging. Dean shook his head and concentrated on Cas. His intoxicating laughter had turned silent and Dean eased up on his tickling before completely stopping, still straddling Cas and patiently waiting for the angel to regain his breath and stop giggling.

"Dean .. that’s enough" Cas said, trying to sound commanding but instead just sounded utterly exhausted and broken.

"I dunno Cas … I haven’t tested everywhere yet" Dean said, turning around and eyeing Cas’ soft bare feet.

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