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Summary: They had joked in the past about using handcuffs, how stupid it would be and how much fun they’d probably have. But Dean had, this time, bought them along. He then finds out how ticklish Cas really is

this is my first attempt at something a little more intense. I hope it’s ok

“They’re in my bag,” said Dean, covering Cas with his body after removing both of their shirts.

“No they’re not…” replied Cas, not even bothering to turn his head in the direction of Dean’s bag, after all, they had only ever joked about it.

Dean got up from Cas, as if lazily leaving a sofa. He walked to his bag and pulled out a pair of leopard print, furry handcuffs.

Cas laughed, laying on his back and resting his head on his hands. “We’re not actually going to use them,” he announced, a slight smirk on his face.

“Er, yes we are?” replied Dean, sarcastically. He went back to the bed, and as the lights went out, and the handcuffs were dropped to the side, they kissed and fooled around. Dean reached for the handcuffs, and held onto Cas’ wrist. Cas pulled, and glared at Dean.

“NO, Dean… I’m not doing it!”

“Yes… you are,” said Dean, and kissed Cas’ lips forcefully. A good way to get Cas to shut up was to always just kiss him, letting him know he was loved or wanted and that he was getting the attention he craved satisfied Cas enough to silence him for at least a few minutes.

And so Cas’ wrists were handcuffed together above his head and attached to the bed frame. Nude from the waist up, he lay there, expecting some oddly positioned sex, or something to do with candles or biting… and even though neither of them knew it at that moment, Dean had something completely different in store…

Cas reaches his head up to respond to Dean’s gentle kisses. He’d never really put himself into such a vulnerable position before but he can’t really say no to Dean. Beautiful Dean, the man he rescued, fought for and fell for. The man who could be gentle and tender but still always wanted to be dominant.

Dean’s mouth greedily presses against Cas’ jawline, his body shifting on top of Cas’, sliding down so he’s straddling his lovers hips. Cas is completely at his mercy, his stomach full of nerves and excitement as Dean’s mouth slides to kiss his neck.

Suddenly Cas hears a quiet giggle. Realising he made this sound he looks to Dean, confused. Dean reciprocates the look. Cas knows that Dean’s stubbly chin felt strange against his neck but wasn’t sure he found the situation amusing. Maybe, he thought, that that’s what people did when they had no control, were nervous and in a situation they werent used to, after all, he was human now.

"Something funny?" Dean asked with a smile.

"No, I … don’t know. I’m sorry Dean, please continue."

Dean shrugged and carried on placing kisses onto Cas’ neck, stopping when he heard more soft giggles and felt his angel trying to scrunch his shoulder up to protect his neck.

"Ticklish?" Dean asked.

Cas frowned and tilted his head slightly, a quirk he’d always had as an angel and now as a human whenever he didn’t understand something.

"I … don’t know what that means" he said. The sensation on his neck was both pleasant and unpleasant, he wasn’t sure why he reacted that way and he also wasn’t sure that he wanted it to stop.

"Jeez, I don’t know how to explain it, you’re either ticklish or you’re not. I’m not" Dean said, somewhat smugly, "but I think you are!"

Cas struggled slightly, a little wary of how the situation was suddenly changing. When he was an angel he could have easily broken out of these simple bonds, but now he was utterly helpless to Dean’s whims.

Dean went back to Cas’ neck, biting and kissing and sucking and deliberately trying to tickle. Cas shook his head as giggles bubbles out of him. His laughter increased when he felt fingers being lightly dragged over his bare ribs. He didn’t mind the soft tickles on his neck from before, but he certainly didn’t like this new sensation.

"hahahahahahaha Dean! hahahahahaha" he cried his lovers name in between laughs, desperately trying to free his arms. He sighed with relief as the tickles suddenly stopped, hopefully Dean was just being playful. He looked into the hunters eyes, stomach lurching at the glint of mischievousness he saw there.

"I barely touched you Cas, you are soo ticklish!” he laughed, pleased with his new discovery. Their times together and lovemaking had always been on the right side of rough, quick and passion filled so of course Dean had never realised the extent of Castiel’s sensitivity. He placed his fingers onto Cas’ soft stomach, chuckling with surprise as his angel reacted to such a light touch. Cas sucked his stomach in and wriggled his hips from side to side.

"hahahahahahaha what hahahahahaha is this?" he asked between giggles, squeaking as a finger circled his navel.

"This is tickling, Cas, and fuck, you are really sensitive!" Dean grinned leaning forward to place ticklish kisses to a ticklish stomach, his fingers lightly  scratching over bare sides causing Cas’ laughter to increase.

"Hahahahahhahahaha Dean stop! hahahahahahhaa please!" Cas begged, not liking this new experience. Dean stopped, giving his lover a short break.

"Where else are you ticklish?" He said, not really asking as he was going to find out anyway. Dean moved his body down slightly so he was sitting on Castiel’s thighs.

His pants had ridden down slightly exposing his hips. Dean placed his thumbs on Cas’ hipbones drawing his hands away quickly as Cas audibly gaspsed and his whole body spasmed.

"Woah, that’s a good spot huh?"

"Dean stop, I don’t think I like this tickling. I want you to —" he didn’t get to finish the end of his sentence as his words crumbled into loud cackles. Dean had decided to drill his thumbs into Cas’ hips, trying to remain straddling him as his angel bucked and thrashed as much as his bonds would allow. His previous hardness had gone, Dean’s had not which Cas noticed and commented on as soon as Dean stopped tickling him.

"I can’t believe you’re enjoying torturing me" Cas gasped in between residual giggles.

"What’s not to like? I get to touch you everywhere and you’re squirming under me. Win win."

"For you" Cas replied, hoping this was the end of the tickle attack.

"Yup" Dean admitted, hovering his hands over Cas’ ribs. "Dude, i’ve not even touched you yet!" Castiel had already started laughing softly in anticipation of more tickles. Dean started to move his fingertips over Cas’ ribs, moving in slow lazy circles. Giggles came pouring out of him, and he kept begging:

"Don’t, ha, ha, please, I can’t-hahaha, stop, oh god, haha, please stop it!"

"Awww, what’s the matter? Does this tickle you at all, Cas?"

"Yes!" he screamed, as he twisted and shook in his bonds. "Hahaha, yes it tickles, ha, that’s enough, hahaha, stop!"

"No, I think you’re enjoying this by the way you’re laughing." Dean laughed along with Cas, enjoying at how the slightest movement of his fingers caused the ex-angel to convulse with laughter. Dean took his fingers, inserted them into the smooth hollow in the center of Cas’ armpits, and wiggled them around with excruciating thoroughness until he thought Cas was going to go through the roof. He rocked insanely on the bed, threw his head back, and howled like an animal. He was still begging, but his hysterical laughter made it hard to understand him. Dean continued to poke and probe in his armpits for several minutes, until he feared for his sanity.

Dean stopped the dreadful tickling, and Cas just lay there, tears of laughter shining on his handsome face, his breath coming in great gasps as he tried to calm down.

"Dean, please don’t tickle me any more. I don’t like it."

Dean finally took pity on Castiel and gently wiped away the tears on Cas’ cheeks caused by his laughter.

"Ok angel, I’ll stop."

"Let me go?" Cas asked, pulling on the handcuffs.

Dean shook his head. “Nope, but i’ll think you’ll like what I’m going to do next” said Dean, running his hands over his lovers chest, mentally planning his next tickle attack.

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