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Anonymous said: Can you do a tickle fic for hetalia or one where cas is tickled by dean in front of Sam. Which then leads to a tickle war. And also can Gabriel get caught in it too?

I’m really sorry anon but I can’t do the hetalia one cuz I don’t know what that even is… I think Mirthful-moments is part of that fandom tho?

I love the cas prompt. Just a load of people tickling the snot out of him. Will see what I can so :)

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Anonymous said: Hi! I'm the anon who asked for more ticklish!Loki stories, i sent a prompt about after Loki's punishment he's sent to earth to give community service w/Avengers, he's depressed and Thor wants to cheer him up. Did you get it?

Hi anon yes I got it, thanks for sending it. Sorry I was a bit slow, haven’t honestly been on tumblr that much but I’ll try and work on some ticklish!loki fics this week cuz I’m away on holibobs next week

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Anonymous said: OOO ticklish!Loki prompt! Uh how about post Avengers, Loki is being held and Natasha is interegating him since she's the only one who can get Loki to reveal anything, and one session she gets exasperated and manhandles Loki a bit and discovers something about him that she would not have guessed

I love this as well

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Anonymous said: Oooo yes! I also love ticklish!Loki, a story I would like to see would be if Loki was part of the Avengers, either of his own choice or as part of his punishment some how, he doesn't want to take over the world so much anymore, rather he is continually frustrated with himself and anxious of worrying about further punishment. Most of the Avengers don't really care, still angry at Loki, but Thor and Steve want to help, so Thor tells Steve of a trick from his and Loki's childhood that used to work


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Anonymous said: A ticklish!Loki prompt? How about where Loki has to help the Avengers out, like community service, and he has been humbled to the point where he is depressed. Thor recognizes the need to punish Loki, but doesn't see that he should this low, so Thor endeavors to give Loki some cheering up, show him that Thor still cares about him, in a brotherly way, not Thorki way. Loki goes from being confused and embarrassed about these "cheer-ups" sessions, to enjoying the comfort and compassion from Thor

Awesome prompt! I’m a big fan of brotherly!thorki

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Anonymous said: Ticklish!Loki prompt, before the Avengers and Loki's failed attack, Loki had been held and tortured by the Others, which further warped his mind into the mess it was in New York. After being captured, Loki is held in Thor's care and watch with the other Avengers, they have joint rooms so Thor hears Loki's nightmares about the Others tortures. After continued pressing from Thor, Loki finally admits his nightmares and fears, Thor uses a technique from their childhood to "chase away the nightmares"

I love me some ticklish!loki. Leave it with me an I’ll see what I can do

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Anonymous said: Do you like hetalia. If so can you do a tickle fic on South Korea with any other male character you choose.

I’m really sorry anon I’ve never heard of hetalia. Hopefully one of the other writers can pick this up tho

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submitted by anonymous (bf)

Dean frowned at the book in front of him. Since Bobby had dug up, literally, some old books, he and Sam had been scouring them for anything useful, maybe something to kill Lilith, prevent the breaking of the seals. This could be helpful too, but in a different way. “Uuh… Cas? Can you hear me? I found this… spell… can you come down?”

Dean knew from experience that angels were tough. They were also dicks, or most of them were. Dean would feel more comfortable if he could do more than just tell them to bite him.

Castiel seemed different though. Dean didn’t know how, he didn’t even know if he was imagining it, but damn it, he liked that angel. Maybe it was because he was less uptight than other angels he had met, maybe it was because he had raised Dean from hell.

“Hello Dean.” The familiar voice said and Dean turned to see Castiel had arrived. “You said you found a spell?”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, it’s here…” To be honest being able to pray to the angel bothered Dean a little. He didn’t often pray like a normal person would, and he wondered if Castiel could hear every time someone mentioned his name. That would get boring.

The angel stood next to him, squinting at the book. “Curious.” He said, cocking his head.

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Anonymous said: Love your stories! I think my fav is where Loki is ticklish, do you think you could write another like that?

Thank you anon! I have a special weakness for ticklish!loki and there’s not enough of those fics about. I will try my best to, did you have a prompt in mind?

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Anonymous said: I can't wait for your next 1D fic!! I'm screaming in excitement just from the fact that you want to write another :'D x

Wait how long has this been into inbox? I’m so sorry anon I wasn’t ignoring you. I’d love to write some more 1D, any particular pairing or prompt you’d like to see? Also I can’t promise on how long it will take me either